The Grassroots Manifesto

Change is underway. Change must happen and it is no longer a choice. But we do all have a choice over what that change will be.

Many now recognise the reality that we are already within The Great Reset. But what just as many of us still don’t realise, understand or accept, is the direction that the Establishment and the World Elites want us all to go is only their aim. It’s not ours or what is best for us in any way.

The risk that we all face for our future, is that the apathy of the many, and the lack of direction suffered by the few who have already awoken will end the opportunity for all people to take back control of our future, before any real fight to do so has even began.

However, we have the choice to take back control and decide what we, as people and as a Community, wish the outcome of this period of unavoidable change to be.

The Grassroots Manifesto provides the reader with an outline and direction of what real people-centric change will look and feel like, and what for us all personally and as members of the Community, meaningful change that will benefit everyone will mean.

The book focuses on the pathway to a genuine Reestablishment through changes and transformation to our system of Governance and includes:

  • Establishing a New Democratic & Electoral System.
  • The use of Universal Frameworks that provide equity for all forms of Governance
  • A series of suggested Public Policies that provide a guide to what legislation will look like when created by the people, for the people and implemented from the Grassroots-Up.

Whether you are looking for answers or have already committed yourself to being the change, The Grassroots Manifesto will open a door for you and is a must read, whether you are resident in the UK or not.

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