It’s time for a Public Vote on the future of the Monarchy; not for a declaration of allegiance that endorses everything bad that Top-Down hierarchies and inherited power represents

Like many, I’ve heard the news about the Stone of Destiny, the debate over whether ‘Prince’ Harry would attend, and even seen the aisles of the local Supermarket dressed up with all of the Coronation memorabilia.

But through the weeks and months as the growing story leading up to the Crowning of King Charles III have progressed, I had not for one moment given even the slightest thought to the idea that I would somehow or in any way become involved.

I wrote before in 2022 about the Monarchy being on borrowed time, and also about how unsuitable to being a modern-day King that Charles Windsor really is, in 2014. But in so far as making anything more of what this Coronation might mean to me or to anyone else, my feelings up until yesterday had been very much focused on going my own way.

I was certainly making no meal of the idea that there might still be a good number of people out there who will be sincere in their wish to enjoy it and treat the occasion like it still has meaning to them, in some way.

Regrettably, however, the reality is this new ‘Carolean’ Monarchy represents everything that has and continues to be bad for our culture and society and is a key factor in all that is going wrong in the world today.

Monarchy of this kind is the most transparent and obvious version of a Top-Down and hierarchical world, where those at the top of a disproportionately biased pyramid or tree hold power and influence over others for no genuinely good or beneficial reason. Its a way of living that simply shouldn’t exist in a genuinely civilised 21st century age.

These people or few didn’t get there on merit. They were either handed or favoured their role and position because of who they knew or what they have, or because at the very worst, it was who they were from the moment they were born that got them there and gave them all that they have got.

When it made the news late yesterday, that we are all being ‘invited’ to swear allegiance to the new King during the Coronation this coming Saturday, it will have been obvious to many more than this Establishment will willingly accept, that ‘asking’ people to make such a commitment can and should no longer represent a demonstration of faith in a system that genuinely has the best interests of everyone at heart.

Although to those who still believe in the honesty of The System, it could certainly feel that way.

At best, such a plea is the machination of a monarch who is out of his time and therefore out of his depth. At worst, yet another cynical and clever Establishment way of reaffirming the idea in the minds of the many, that we must always look up and remember that only those who hold power must ever be considered to be special and great. Whichever way you see it, we are being asked to pay lip service to a very harmful lie.

As I have written in my latest book The Grassroots Manifesto, we are all now walking a pathway through very uncertain times. Anything good for us all depends up on us coming together and being united as we claim back our power from all those who have no right to hold it.

As part of the creation of a New Democracy, People must have a referendum and with it a meaningful choice upon whether The Monarchy should simply end, or whether it should exist within a people-centric culture and society, IF it is remodelled and reformed.

Queen Elizabeth was a very special Monarch who oversaw seven decades of massive and unsettling change in our history. She adapted incredibly well. But there were a number of notable events when even she got caught out and found herself out of touch with the pace of change, at least momentarily.

An improvement on Elizabeth II, Charles III is most certainly not.

For all those who champion his charity and environmental work as an excuse to allow this next chapter to pass doing the right thing for others by, I would counter that just as much value can be attributed to the local litter picker or the home-help cum voluntary dog walker. The real heroes of our neighbourhoods and communities whose efforts to improve life for others are not only unassumed, but also have the genuine ability to touch and inspire others more directly, simply because they are an example of what care for others in the community looks like in real life.

King Charles III represents nothing good for the majority of People. The continued existence of this form of monarchy is an anachronism and throwback to another time, when everything it represents is coming to its self-induced end.

Many astrologers have suggested that the Coronation won’t happen, or if it does, King Charles Reign will prove to be remarkably short. We may only have a matter of days to wait and see if they are proven right.

What is certain from this latest ‘invitation’ for us all to display our subservience to this old-world order is that the change and return to freedom that the People so desperately need, isn’t going to come from anyone who still believes it right and proper that their place is ‘at the top’.

Mine and the allegiances of many others are to all people, to our communities, to our country and for what all those things really are and really mean.

On this occasion, above all others, King Charles should be making a meaningful and credible pledge to be a servant to all others. But it seems clear, like all too many in the public eye today, he really has little idea of what that truly means.

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