What is The Grassroots Manifesto | The Grassroots Manifesto | Overview

Whilst we would probably all agree that it would be wonderful if positive change were to simply arrive, or perhaps more practically, the people we elect to represent us would always work tirelessly to ensure that’s all we will ever get, the truth of the matter is that the world we know doesn’t work that way.

In our personal and private lives, positive change usually begins with us. This troubled world we share is no different.

But in amongst this crisis, the change must begin with us all.

It’s difficult to create change without direction at any time. So when the very nature of this change or reset demands that we create, establish, evolve and develop a system that creates a framework or system of Governance for life which represents something that none of us who are alive has experienced before, we all need some ideas, suggestions and basic materials to work with, so that the meaningful and inclusive debate that we all need to happen can begin.

The Grassroots Manifesto is a game plan.

The Grassroots Manifesto is a document with a plan or strategy that is built on the principle that real change is not an evolution from what we already know but begins with what we will know.

The Grassroots Manifesto then begins the process of creating anew, or adapts that which can be adapted, so that there is a place to start from which includes everyone and builds a system from the Grassroots Up that has no biases or offers no favours, other than being equitable and considerate to the needs and experiences of us all.

The Grassroots Manifesto is a focus upon where local and public policy will be, once control has been returned to the People and their Communities, to where a sense of true Democracy exists, with power coming from the individual, to the Community, to the region, to the nation, to the world, through a process which is undoubtedly Grassroots-Up or even across.

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