An Uncomfortable Truth for those who are Awake and Awakening | The Grassroots Manifesto

One of the hardest realities that we must all face, is the role that we have all been playing in creating and feeding the same system that is hurting us, and that if you are here reading this book, there is a very good chance that you already hate.

Whilst we have been led to believe that we can have what we want, how we want it, where we want it and when we want it, even thinking like this is unsustainable. We cannot continue without more and more of the things around us going wrong.

Whilst you may already accept that the world and the way that we live must now change, the chances are that you have not really thought hard about what that could really mean.

You may well fall into the trap of thinking that as long as everyone else does the right thing, it won’t matter if you just continue doing what you are doing and having the things that you’re having – so that for you, things just stay the same way that they already are.

Voices that currently sit on the cusp and champion the coming change do so too, challenging parts of the programme that the Establishment is attempting to force upon us, such as the phasing out of fossil-fuelled cars – rightly speaking up and fighting against any policy which is dictatorially imposed.

But they do so without realising that some of these policies present a picture that different thinking on the part of all of us will deliver anyway and at the very least in part, through necessity, but also voluntarily, and most certainly in very different circumstances, by choice.

To believe that we can have a people-centric world that puts everyone first, on our own personal terms, is oxymoronic to say the very least.

It is therefore vital that we all understand that for as long as any of us remain fixed on wanting this thing or experience or wanting that thing or experience, rather than having faith that we can share a world where we will always have what we need, we are still and remain ‘bought in’ or invested into the system that we are now leaving and which at some point very soon will come to its end.

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