Not in my name. You don’t speak for us. NONE OF THE ABOVE.

These expressions of frustration, anger, distrust and disenfranchisement from the Political System we have today are shared by a growing number of People – just like me and just like you.

We feel that because we cannot Vote for good politicians and public representatives, we have had our democratic right to choose and influence our future taken away.

The situation goes from bad to worse, each and every day. Everything that Politicians, Government and Public Services seem to touch is failing. And the rules that Politicians are supposed to manage and set, seem to have done nothing but encourage private interests and big business to operate without any real kind of control.

When the People who lead us are out for themselves, how can we expect anyone else to behave differently?

The truth is, that we cannot.

But there is a way we can create alternative options for Candidates on ballot papers for us ALL to Vote for in every Election. That is, IF we accept and are then prepared to make the effort to create and be part of the change that is necessary.

Officially NONE OF THE ABOVE is a ‘How to’ guide, that will open you up to a new way of thinking about the way that Politics in a democracy should work. It provides suggestions, advice and a doorway to easy-to-access tools, using a system of Community Meetings that will help everyone to reject ALL OF THE ABOVE and then have a genuine and meaningful democratic choice.

Officially NONE OF THE ABOVE will present you with a series of TEN STEPS that can be followed, IF you want the choice of Candidates in future Elections who will work for and on behalf of you and your local Community.

PLEASE Follow it. Learn from it. Improve on it. Share it. Officially NONE OF THE ABOVE is here for you.

PLEASE NOTE: This book is not about Public Policy or Political ideas. It provides a method of putting good People into Politics, so that we then get Public Policy that corresponds.

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